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Not sure where to start or to look for on your building retrofit, or carbon offset technology for your zero carbon certification project?.................ZERO-MIXING Concept and The Split Buffer Tank [SBT] system integration offer you a portfolio of solutions that surpass the efficiency and economy of today's conventional HVAC technologies.

DBBS leading edge Zero-Mixing Design & Engineering Services Catalog offers:

  • Energy audits

  • High Efficiency building HVAC retrofits, through Zero-Mixing/SBT hydronics integration

  • High Efficiency Domestic Hot Water [DHW] retrofit, through Zero-Mixing/SBT system integration

  • Zero-Mixing Chilled Water Storage system [Engineering/Procurement/Construction - EPC]

  • Zero-Mixing Chilled Water Free-cooling system EPC

  • Solar Thermal Zero-Mixing high-temperature-differential system EPC

  • High Efficiency Combined Heat & Power [CHP] thermal storage system EPC

  • Zero-Mixing analysis for batch processing plant technologies

  • Zero-Mixing heat recovery from Light-Industrial processes [including: cooling water, exhaust gas, ect.]

  • Use of waste heat for internal processes [Batch processing][Zero-Mixing hydronics configuration]​

SBT/Human Heart

Like no other piece of equipment in the HVAC's apparatus the SBT is the heart of the system. As it is with the human heart, which function is to pump and separate highly reach oxygenated blood from contaminated CO2 blood, SBT separates boiler Hot-water supply from building/DHW Cold-water return. The SBT makes possible the diversion of hot and cold flows to the right paths without mixing, so cold water is constantly directed to boiler and hot water to the building/DHW. 

Split Buffer Tank Capacities:

1,450 Liter / 380 Gallon

1,900 Liter / 500 Gallon

5,000 Liter / 1,320 Gallon

SBT-Human Heart.png
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