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2022 - ATCO Sherwood Park Operations Centre [SPOC], Edmonton/Alberta - Commercial Test Start.

2021 - Alberta Innovate Product Demonstration Program Awarded - First Zero-Mixing Commercial Test.

2020 - Graduation from FORESIGHT– PLATFORM Calgary Cleantech-Accelerator Centre - First cohort.

2020 - Initiate Application Research Topic Acceptance Request [RTAR] before the American Society of Heating,

           Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers [ASHRAE].

2019 - Zero-Mixing Concept Software Simulation – Energy Engineering Program - University of Calgary.

2018 - Zero-Mixing Concept ready for Alberta Innovate Product Demonstration Program [PDP].

2017 - Prototype testing by SAIT Green Building Technology [Funded by AI].

2017 - Alberta Innovate [AI] Micro-voucher issued for prototype testing.

2016 - Southland Leisure Center - City of Calgary - Solar Thermal Optimization project [Funded by NSERC]. 

           SAIT/Green Building Technology - DBBS Technology joined Retrofit.  

2015 - United States patent US8997511 issued.

2012 - Canadian patent CA2701528 issued.

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